Food industry

  • Yegorievskaya Sausage and Delicatessen Factory

    The Factory is one of the largest meat processing plants in the Moscow Region. The factory was launched in 2002 on the basis of former meat processing plant in Yegorievsk. Above 1 500 people work on the factory with daily production capacity of more than 50 tons. The company features several trade affiliates, own freight department and multiple branded retailing shops.

  • Myasomolprod

    Myasomolprod is a brand well known on the Russian market of canned foods. The range of products manufactured under the brand name Myasomolprod includes most demanded and affordable canned foods of meat, meat and vegetables and dairy meeting tastes of a very wide audience. 

  • Delovoy Soyuz Trading House

    Delovoy Soyuz was founded in 2006 in Moscow. It puts forth more than 60 products manufactured under Delovoy Soyuz trade name. They include canned foods of meat and meat and vegetables, pates, as well as fish cans under a brand Gold Harpoon.

  • Permalco

    One of the oldest manufacturers of ardent spirits on the Ural counting more than a hundred-year history. The company is among top-30 largest producers of vodka and alcoholic beverages in Russia.