System Integration and IT consulting

  • Jet Infosystems

    “Jet Infosystems” is one of the largest system integrators on the markets of Russia and CIS countries. The company offers a wide range of services for development, creation and support service of highly reliable computing systems and networks, management of IT infrastructure and IT services, information security solutions, and specialized industry solutions.

  • Armada

    Armada is a Russian public company providing information technologies services including software development and computer hardware production. The company was founded in 2007 and is currently one of the largest system integrators in Russia.

  • GlowByte Consulting

    Since 2004 GlowByte Consulting has been focused on deployment of Business Intelligence systems and related solutions by the leading international vendors. GlowByte Consulting dominates the niche of marketing automation and profound analysis systems, corporate data storages, management accountability systems, risk management and loyalty and customer experience management in Russia and CIS.

  • IT Expert

    Concept of the company operations is expansion of the foremost international expertize in IT management as well as application of the best practices for efficient facing challenges of development of IT and business in Russian companies. IT Expert provides a set of services in consulting, audit, external process management and IT education and training. The company offers expert approaches and best methods for IT management systems structuring.

  • Flexis

    Flexis is one of the front Russian system integrators, world leader in development of Rich Internet Applications. The company is a key partner of Adobe Sys. in CIS. It grants active support to the Adobe community, organizes meetings for Russian flash-designers and the “Russian Flash Award”

  • FlexisUS

    FlexisUS is a U.S. company with headquarters in Palo Alto, California.  The company specializes in IT-outsourcing based on Rich Internet Applications. The company is a subsidiary of Russian system integrator Flexis Ltd.