Gaming industry

  • Syncopate

    Syncopate is an investment and publishing internet company founded in November 2009 by the entrepreneurs well known at the online gaming industry. The company grows in three main directions - online games publishing, market expertize and providing support to small companies focused on online games development and publishing. The unique for Russia and CIS countries approach to the online games distribution is implemented in the project.

  • igrAlliance

    igrAlliance is a laboratory focused on development of new game types, the alliance of experimentalists living in constant search and implementation of new bold ideas. The company is well known for its series of ingenious mobile games.

  • Tanki Online Multiplayer game

    In just half a year since it had been launched the game took the 17th place among other games in the Runet and the number of its registered users exceeded 130 000 people. The game was also awarded as Best Game Without Publisher and Best Technology at the Computer Games Developers Conference in 2009.

  • Soldiers of fortune. Fatal cards.

    The game was designed for social network users in 2010. Within 4 weeks work period the agency generated 200 000 active players in Russia. Daily audience accounted for more than 30 000 gamers. The game started generating revenue from its first days with some gamers paying up to 7 000 Rub a day. 

  • Memory House

    A popular mobile game centered around the mysterious events occurring in the Capitain's house - objects change their position without outer help. But the Captain is a soldier tempered in battles so he does not believe in supernatural forces.

  • Alternativa

    A Perm based company Alternativa is focused on creation and support of innovation solutions for developers of multiuser browser projects. The most known products used by specialized companies all over the world include the system for browser representation of three-dimensional graphics Alternativa3D, window-based interface for on-line browser projects AlternativaGUI and server solution for game and intertaining multiuser spheres AlternativaCore.