Practice groups

International IT companies

Practice group “International IT companies” facilitates integrated marketing communications to international companies present at markets of Russia and CIS. Gurov and Partners agency is a reliable partner for the major world IT companies. Every day at least 100 articles and news pieces mentioning our international clients appear in Russian media. Our business processes are built in accordance with international standards of PR activities. All specialists of the practice speak English fluently.

Proactive style of work is one of distinctive features of the agency. We offer our clients most up-to-date and efficient promotion tools, timely inform them of the important changes on the Russian IT market. Special attention is paid to issues of localization of the customer materials for Russian market.

Russian IT companies

Practice group “Russian IT companies” exists from the very foundation of the Gurov and Partners agency. The key direction of the practice work is a retain PR servicing of software designers and solution providers. The agency facilitates corporate communications, PR promotion of software products and technologies, promotion of top-management of the companies.

In IT companies promotion we pay special attention to interaction with professional communities. Our agency has an experience in creating user groups, contributing to active promotion of technologies of our clients, which is absolutely unique for Russia.

Advanced industries

In developed Western countries advanced science-intensive industries cover up to 40% of gross output of manufacturing industry. Such industries include microelectronics, computer science, robotics, nuclear and aerospace industries etc.

PR tools are most efficient for promotion of industrial companies. The area of stakeholders is very wide and can include different target audiences. Practice “advanced Industries” helps Russian and international customers develop and implement unique PR strategies taking into consideration specific features of marketing of innovation products. 

Scientific relations

General field of operation of practice group "Scientific Relations" is dealing with organization of cooperation of business structures with scientific community and promotion of scientific projects. Gurov and Partners Agency became the first Russian agency that singled out this kind of services into a separate practice group.

Building relations with scientists is dramatically important for business and the state when it comes to health and security of the citizens (for instance receipt of ecological grounding for the project of gas pipeline construction and further distribution of information to the public). Close connection to scientific institutions is a strong competitive advantage for hi-tech businesses. Joint events with high-schools and support of young scientists is an integral part of a PR strategy of many innovation companies.


Practice group “Special projects” is dealing with organization and PR support of the events as well as implementation of separate PR projects. The events that can be organized include press conferences and round tables, press-tours and road shows, scientific conferences and master classes. Specialists of the practice group can also develop strategy of the customer presence at Russian and international specialized trade fairs and conferences, insure the most favorable terms of participation, prepare the necessary marketing materials and provide a PR coverage.

One of the most successful fields of activities of the practice group is a PR support for large-scale events. For instance, PR support of the “RuNet Award 2008” resulted in more than 600 publications in Russian media, and as a result of PR support of “Russian Internet Week – 2008” there were more than 1000 appearances.