• Public Library of the Foreign Literature

    For 80 years of operation the Federal State Library of the Foreign Literature has become one of the world's most significant storages of international literature. The library stock counts as many as 4.5 million units. More than one thousand people visit the library daily. Numerous international cultural centers are registered within the library, a lot of events are held. 

  • Kultura.rf

    The portal of the Russia's cultural heritage and traditions is a multimedia stock of all the Russian Federation cultural track record. Architecture and cinematograph, music and pictorial art, traditions and nonmaterial cultural heritage – the Portal accumulates all information on our country's culture organizations and cultural events in Moscow and in regions.

  • Istoria.rf

    Istoria.rf federal portal is a historic information resource. History is recognized to have strategic meaning for a modern human science education environment as well as for forming a self-conscience of the Russian society itself. Specialists of Gurov and Partners developed the portal concept, filled it with content and provided promotion activities.