June 23, 2016

The Book PR of IT Companies: the Russian Way Nominated for PROBA IPRA GWA

The book by Phil Gurov, the general director of Gurov and Partners Communication Group, was nominated for PROBA IPRA Golden World Awards as the best work in theory of Public Relations.

The second revised and expanded edition of the book was presented by Alpina Publisher in April this year. The book first published in 2011 hitting bestseller charts.

PR of IT Companies: the Russian Way describes the most efficient tools of promotion businesses involved in the high tech market. The book also features a number of successful PR campaigns case studies.

The book is targeted at high readership — starting from entrants and mature PR specialists as well as top managers involved in development and management of hi-tech businesses.

“I tried to concentrate on most relevant PR cases. It implied communication with dozens of specialists and studying several hundreds of projects. Choosing the most powerful cases worthy being manifested was indeed a challenging task.”

The award short list is to be published on September 1.

PROBA-IPRA GWA is an international competition for the award in Public Relations sphere. International Public Relations Association, Northwest branch of the Russian Public Relations Association and SPN Communications Agency organize the Award.