September 26, 2017

Philip Gurov is announced as the vice-president of “Investment Russia”

“Investment Russia” — the Russian public organization that encourages to attract investment in the Russian Federation, announced on September 2013 the assignment of Philip Gurov to the position of Vice-President.

Philip Gurov leads the communication group “Gurov and Partners”. In “Investment Russia” he will be in charge of issues of international communications. In October and November, he will take part in several foreign events and meet with leaders of several Asian and African countries.

Philip Gurov claims: “The pace of development of” Investment Russia “is very high. Today there are more than a thousand active members in the organization, it unites authorities, business communities, investment companies and large enterprises. For three years we have implemented many interesting projects together. I hope that my work in ‘Investment Russia’ will help to improve the business climate in our country. ”

“Investment Russia” has 63 regional branches on the territory of the Russian Federation. Representatives of the organization work in Great Britain, France, Israel, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Turkey, Belarus and South Africa, this establishment has also active cooperation with the BRICS countries.

The purpose of the organization is to unite entrepreneurs in the unified system for the integrated solution of issues of investment project financing, as well as to promote entrepreneurship in attracting investment capital to the Russian Federation.

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